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"I came in to pick up my pocket watch today.  I had been looking forward to this day for months.  This watch was my Grandfather’s, who I unfortunately never got to meet.  He died 3 days before I was born. The watch was kept in my Dad’s desk drawer, beside my Grandfathers medals from WW1.  The watch never worked but I always thought it was really beautiful.  When my Dad passed away a couple of years ago, I inherited the watch and I promised myself I would get it restored. Fast Time had repaired a watch for me a while ago and did a great job and I felt I could trust them with this important job. It took a while, but I knew it was in good hands and it would be restored as soon as possible. Fast Time did an amazing job. Seeing the second hand move, and hearing it tick made the wait all worth while. Thank you for doing such a great job on my watch. It’s so much more than a watch to me.  It is a connection with my father and his father."


  • "They are very helpful, have awesome watches among other items, and if you need somewhere to repair your jewelry, they have the best price plus it is done very quickly"

    - W.A

  • "I have at least 3 watches in my possession that all require batteries and I took them all to Fast Time. They are very fast and their prices are very reasonable. Best part is; they will service any watch (no matter what brand or whether or not you bought it from them); which is a huge bonus."


  • "First time using Fast Time Watch & Jewelry Repair and it will be my go-to place in the future. Quickly replaced my broken watch band with one that fits better and they had many choices of colours to choose from. Very pleasant experience!"


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